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One love, Unity, Shared Consciousness.

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Baha’i Star, Confucianism Water Symbol, Hindu Om, Pagan Pentagram, Buddhist Wheel of Life, Native American Medicine Wheel, Christian Cross, Taoist Yin-Ying, Sikh Khanda, Zoroastrian Fire, Jewish Star of David, Goddess Worship, Islam Crescent Moon and Star, and the Egyptian Ankh.

The Peacecock was born from one mom’s quest to make healthy foods her son would eat… and one particularly deep meditation.

Diana Blue, the creator and curator of the Peacecock , has been a teacher, counselor, social worker, and principal throughout her career. And, she always found herself working for faith-based organizations. This up close and personal view of so many faiths led her to see the profound similarities, common connections, paths to love we all share.

Then one day, during a meditation where Diana’s monkey brain stopped and silenced for a moment, the Peacecock flew into her awareness. She jotted the idea: the major world religions, philosophies all united on the feathers of a peacock down in her journal, and more or less, forgot about him.

Then, she fell in love!! With hemp...it’s nutty flavor, packed with the perfect omega 3:6 ratio, the gentle touch of it when made into clothing, it’s Herculean ability to grow without chemicals and rapid speed of growth. It is the world’s perfect super food and fiber! And, the huge, over the moon part is that it boosts the immune system!

As a mom trying to get her son (who has cystic fibrosis) to eat healthy (and he is not into it), she is always looking for easy, sneaky ways to get nutritious food into him. When she learned just how beneficial hemp was, she started experimenting. The result: the most amazing, delicious brownie (and he eats them all the time!). These vegan brownies are gluten-free, lactose-free, low glycemic and they taste moist n chocolaty!! Good for you and tastes good. Don’t you just love when that happens? And, by eating these brownies you are being kinder to the earth, animals, and your tummy. So, after having friends and family devour them, the brownies got massive love at regional festivals, and, now, her hope is, the world.

What about the Peacecock? Glad you asked. Diana realized the Peacecock was the ideal messenger for her vision of expanding the health and love of the people who share this planet. The Peacecock will spread the seeds of peace and respect for each other and hemp as fine folk savor hemp brownies and hemp clothing. Fun and good for the planet.

Do you Wanna Peace?