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Why Hemp

Hemp. It does a body good.

Top Ten reasons you need hemp now:

  1. Hemp oil has the ideal omega 3:6 ratio (yes, even better than flax)
  2. Hemp is a complete protein (same amount of protein as cow’s milk and 2x protein of flax!!)
  3. No other single plant source provides a complete protein, all the essential amino acids, and essential fatty acids in such an easily digestible form
  4. Scientists are producing massive research showing that our biggest killers- cardiovascular disease and cancer- are a result of our nasty over-consumption of crappy saturated fats
  5. No allergens
  6. Super sustainable! Doesn’t require pesticides, fungicides, herbicides to flourish (and provides 250% more fiber than cotton) and requires less water
  7. Decreases pollution and increases oxygen while removing toxins from soil around where it’s grown; even prevents erosion
  8. Hemp fiber is anti-microbial, wears much longer than other fibers (it’ll be the longest-wearing item in your closet), better UV protection, awesome sweat absorbency (our clothing is 55%hemp/45% organic cotton, super soft and comfy)
  9. Hemp produces more than 4 times the amount of fiber as trees and can be renewed 2-3 times/year (there is NO other tree nor plant that can produce the amount of paper hemp can)
  10. You want to help save the planet and look great while doing it, wear hemp and eat it too. Your body and your world will thank you!

But wait a minute. Isn’t this marijuana? No.

Industrial hemp is a significantly different plant from its psychoactive cousin and is grown from different seeds. Industrial hemp does not contain levels of psychoactive components to have any affect (most hemp, including the seeds that we use for our brownies, contain NO THC). Nutmeg has psychoactive properties and the idea of making it illegal to grow would be ridiculous! Hemp has over 30,000 known uses and is grown all over the world. The U.S. is the only developed country in which hemp is not an established crop.

Hemp has long been a part of our culture with the first documented cloth being made from hemp. Industrial hemp was a major player in the early building of our country. Even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp on their estates. Hemp continued to vitally contribute to the U.S. economy until the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act making it outrageously expensive for farmers to grow it. Yet during WWII, the U.S. government actively recruited farmers to grow hemp. Part of this recruitment was a film, Hemp for Victory, which you can see on YouTube. After WWII, growing hemp was irrationally made illegal.

Now, hemp has been rediscovered as a potent economic, environmental, and commercial powerhouse. Hemp is the only natural resource that can meet all of our consumption needs without destroying our beautiful planet. If you want to make a clear, substantial difference for our world, use hemp. Help us make a positive impact from the hemp farmer to the hemp seed manufacturer, from the textile worker to the customer. Hemp is sexy and sustainable, so spread the seeds of peace. I could go into much more detail about the joys of hemp and why our country needs to allow farmers to starting growing it. However, I encourage you to surf the net to find your own wisdom on nature’s perfect plant. And, perhaps you’ll decide to try one of our hemp goodies and know the joy first hand. Your purchase helps support Vote Hemp. Thank You.